Less than one week to go to the Smart City Sprint Hack

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The Smart City Sprint Hack is the first hackathon of Open Stockholm Award 2016 and will take place on June 22nd. With less than one week to go, expectations are high. 20 teams have applied and been admitted to the hackathon where they will use open data to develop digital solutions for a financially sustainable and climate-smart Stockholm.

“Stockholm has a vision of become smartest city in the world by 2040. And by smart, it means a better place to work and live for all its citizens. Activities like this, where we invite the creative community to help create solutions, aims to get the city, and the people who live here, closer to its vision,” explains Tetiana Siianko, project manager for the hackathon.

What outcome are you hoping to see?
“We hope to see real solutions. Not incomprehensible concepts, but realizable solutions that can be implemented so that we as a citizens can see the difference.”

What about the sprint hack are you looking the most forward to?
“Smart City Sprint Hack is a little bit different from other hacks that you might have been to. First of all, we have invited entrepreneurs and other creative companies. We accept teams only (while the usual is individuals) and participants must use the City’s open data either alone or in combination with their own data (from e.g. sensors) in their solutions. And on top of that we have an unusual structure of the hack (two hours pre-hack meetup on June 15th for ideation and a five hour sprint hack on June 22nd). Taking all this into account, I am really looking forward to see how this different approach will change the variety of solutions that the participants will create.”

Read more about Open Stockholm Award here and the Smart City Sprint Hack here.

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